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The True Story of the Megantic Outlaw. A young Canadian-born Scot, had gone west in the early 1880s to pack a six-gun while riding the long cattle drives coming north from Texas. Ironically, he returns to find himself in a western-style gunfight on the main street of Megantic in the Eastern townships of Quebec.

Publisher: Doubleday

The story springs to life when a young Donald Morrison comes home to face a dishonest moneylender who’d taken possession of the family homestead. The Morrisons were   part of a small Scottish community there with a close relationship with the French Canadians living in the surrounding area.

In struggling to reclaim the farm stolen from his parents, Donald runs afoul of the law. Into this comes a confrontation  with  Jack Warren,  an American running illegal booze from Canada down to the dry State of  Maine. On one trip north to replenish his supply, Warren brags of   making quick work of  capturing Morrison.  For some illogical reasoning Canadian authorities deputize Warren to bring Donald in alive.

Fate intervenes when the pair meet quite by chance on Megantic’s main street. The reluctant Donald draws in self-defense against a gun-toting Warren, ending American’s life with a bullet between the eyes.

This is one heck of a slice of  Canadian history. How a group of Scots and French Canadians pull together to form the ‘Morrison Defense League’, protecting the Megantic Outlaw from an injustice trumped up by the police, their ranks swollen by armed militia.

The chase would continue unabated for more than a year, turning the innocent fugitive into a Canadian folk hero. And true legend.

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