Book Cover

A convict breaks out of prison, giving himself a year to go straight.

SDA Productions.  Montreal, QC.

Original screenplay:   ‘Written by’ credit.

Theatrical release filmed in Montreal and Cowansville QC with French subtitles.

Poster tease:

There’s no victory in hiding

No freedom in running

Synopsis:   The script is based on a young guy convicted of assault and other misdemeanors. He’s shackled off to the Cowansville penitentiary in Québec’s Eastern townships.

Disillusioned and frustrated, he puts his bottled-up energy into an in-house, one-man radio station for inmates. It includes interviews, news and music mixed with idle gossip. But he needs more. Like a year on the outside; a chance at going straight.

The escape is more foolhardy than precision-driven. On reaching Montréal he loses himself in a city he’s explored since childhood.  Here he discovers the only friends he trusts are those who got him into trouble in the first place.

Some question why he’s no longer ‘one of them’; making excuses not to steal merchandise, high-end autos. Aware he’s put the lives of those nearest to him at risk; he disappears as the cops, on a tip, close in.

While wandering the province’s interior picking up odd jobs, he stumbles on a small town whose radio station desperately needs a replacement DJ.  The station manager hires him on the spot, taking the newcomer’s word that he’s had previous experience.

Now here’s a morning man the townsfolk take to their collective hearts.  Someone with a sense of humor, a depth of feeling.  A good guy to wake up to. Despite being unaware Menard’s ‘year of going straight’ is closing in.

Author’s Comment:

I pitched this script for a year or more. No bites, until a producer shows up on my agent’s doorstep.


Note:    Among my un-optioned screenplays being pitched elsewhere are:

HARNESS THE WILD, an urban kid learns how very cranky Mother Nature can be when he battles to survive in her hostile wilderness.

WYATT & WYATT, a rollicking reversal of roles. A feisty widowed mother picks up where she left off  – in Legal Aid –  to take on her lawyer daughter‘s well-established Los Angeles practice.