Book Cover

With stolen art worth millions, the asking price is murder.

Publisher: Seal/Bantam

Skier Philip Stone takes a fast downhill run to danger when he finds a man’s body cold and dead in the snow … and a provocatively beautiful woman alive and well in his arms. Pretty Sarah Warden has gotten in too deep with the kind of people who only play for keeps. So Stone cuts himself into a lethal game of big bucks and stolen art that sends him out on a twisted trail of treachery and murder where death might be the big winner if he dares to challenge the ruthless powers of The Hercules Trust.

I work on a great deal of realism, though keeping them as fiction. Take the ski jumper in competition at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, who I interviewed, made notes and some years later used it to embellish a scene in this book. The guided tour of the Mont Blanc tunnel also set up another incident.

I took my love of skiing, and the fascination about those who steal art for a living to combine them into a story that takes Stone from the snowy Laurentians to Steamboat Springs to Chamonix and the French Alps.  A great deal of research went into writing about the art of stealing art. And the illegal possession of antiquities which still flourishes around the world.

I’ll be working on a sequel to THE HERCULES TRUST, again with Philip Stone, some 20 years later when moments from the past come back to taunt him. Or kill him…

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