Book Cover

The lively guide to a growing sport.

Publisher: C.Scribner's Sons

The guide takes on everything from the history of the snowmobile, what’s under the hood to repairs you can do on your own. But it doesn’t end there . It takes in First Aid: A good dose of common sense, what’s under the hood and for tinkerers only. Another, for safety sake.

Throw in Survival: the (bare) necessities, plus How to get close to your snowmobile without really trying. Racing: the facts behind it. You get the drift.  Winter camping, would you believe it.

Even a chapter entitled: The Nineteenth Hole. (page 163).  Eight recipes make it into the Guide. Here’s a sample. From Colorado: Harvey Wallbanger (Vodka-based). Wyoming: Ditch ( bourbon highball). Ontario: Davey’s Destroyer ( a combination of navy rum & gin). Quebec: Caribou  (dry red wine &vodka).

This Guide came out of a stint I did as part of the talent shooting Bombardier Skidoo stills and television commercials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. There was an over-abundance of snow that year, the big, fluffy stuff which completely submerged the prototype machines when the crew was filming. Or trying to.

Needing pure, untouched snow to film the commercials (see cover), it meant spending hours in a trailer in Rabbit Ears Pass waiting for the snow to stop.

Which meant a shoot that should’ve taken half the time took six weeks. Once home, I decided to write the guide, having spent so much time in the saddle, so to speak. I learned a lot from the experienced mechanics who kept these prototypes  at their best.

The  book worked, going into several additional printings.

Check your local bookstore or order online from, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, among others. Also available in ebook format.