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To kill off the dull stretch between school ending and the summer cottage, Michel and David poke through junk in an attic, finding a discarded old radio receiver. After plugging it in they pick up a baffling audio message: XOR INWAIT BABY BYBY TEN.

Publisher: Burns & MacEachern

They’ve  bitten off more than they can chew when tracking down the source. They learn what’s behind it is a wholesale conspiracy with international implications. A scheme to steal a collection of valuable paintings from somewhere in the city. But where? How?

I was in Montreal working as a magazine staff writer when working on this, my first book.  Kids discovering such a heist caught my imagination.  I singled out the venerable Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as the target.

After a casual survey of the museum, I settled on the thieves entering by the most vulnerable access. Down through the massive skylight.

Several years after Montreal Adventure  was published,  an  item in the Globe & Mail reported the theft of paintings from the venerable Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Among the 18 was a Rembrandt valued in the millions.  The thieves would’ve nailed a second had they not tripped the alarm.

How did they get in? Down through the skylight.  Honest.

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