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When the police can’t convince him that his good friend, a seasoned marine biologist, drowned accidentally when found floating upright in full SCUBA gear, Jake Jennings sets out to prove them wrong. No matter what it takes.

Publisher: Writers' Club Press

High schooler Jake Jennings returns to his boyhood home of Burlington, Vermont,   having been told by friends the dog he left behind had died.  Sven , his buddies and his sister, Jennie, knew of no other way to ensure Jake would return.

The real reason?  Something’s screwy. Mister D. drowned in a wetsuit?  No way. They know Jake is proficient in scuba-diving, something he learned from Mister D. who never took chances  during underwater dives. That’s why his buddies want Jake home to help prove one way or another if the death was accidental. Or not.

What they find surprises them.  But proving what really happened to Mister D. will test their trust in each other, as a situation grows more complicated by the moment.

Here, I wanted to write a book for young adults. A thriller.  Lots of twists and turns;  snap decisions. A challenge that finds them all well beyond their comfort zones. Yet   not without humor thrown in the mix.

Like most books I write, I know the basic plot but seldom if ever know the ending in the initial draft. Till I get there.

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