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The best of Europe, wine, and romance make Harvest a thrilling mystery full of surprises.

Publisher: IUniverse

American writer Jake Bauer faces an ultimatum from his New York agent: Stay in a Paris apartment and don’t venture out until he finishes his latest book. Alice should have known better than to expect Bauer to follow orders. Instead, he stops in London to enjoy an evening of light-hearted debauchery before sobering up aboard a houseboat moored in the Thames. It’s then he meets Tessa, a French woman who delights him with her charm, beauty, and wit.

In a moment she’s gone and it’s up to Bauer to track her down. But at what cost?

When he finds her, Bauer discovers Tessa is not all she appeared to be. She’s also suspected of being involved in murder.

Harvest began with a simple thought. How many times have all of us met someone, even a fleeting glance, never to see them again? I wanted to take this premise and turn Jake Bauer’s upside down. The chances of ever seeing Tessa again are remote, knowing only her first name.

Returning the ring she left on the basin is a good enough excuse to find her. Throw in a dead body and well, things could get sticky. An old-fashioned murder set the lush wine country of   southwest France.  Or is it vengeance?

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