Book Cover

A multi-million dollar dream realized by one man, proud, ruthless and hungry for power. Yet haunted by the memory of a partner he once betrayed - and of a woman he once loved.

Publisher: Seal/Bantam

James  Robertson Monroe, a penniless Scottish engineer, arrives in Canada’s Province of Quebec in 1907.  Eager to amass a fortune in a business he’d  grown up with back home,  the  building of mighty dams to produce  hydroelectricity,  it’s Armand Bouchard of  Saguenay  who first saw the genius – and danger – in James.  Of  Marie  Louise Bouchard whose image haunted James’ life;  of wife  Catherine, her devotion to  James tested through half a century of marriages and mistresses.

The book is based on the CBC television written by David Bowie. My contract  stipulated that I would be adding new characters and  plots to better round out the book version;  to flesh out the  background  and character development.

It spans fifty years James Monroe ruled a vast industrial empire, working into it the factual events of  both World Wars; the Great Depression of’29 and through to the rebellious ’60s, showing how these events affected the fictional Monroe family in real time.

Although the series is long gone, the book has been thankfully reprinted to show a tantalizing history of our country caught up in the struggles of the world we live in.

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