Dec 24


Role models. Bless them. They are the ones we look back and wonder what the hell we’d have done without them. They could be family, or just as easily not. A few casual words from them and you know if you’re on the right track; or you’d better get back on it.

I’ve got a cousin like that. She’s older, not that it matters. What I like is her quiet enthusiasm for life. She loves people. She’s outgoing like all the Lockhart family over the years. (My mother was a Lockhart). Not pushy, just fun. Interesting. Outgoing.

As a kid, when I knew we were having a Christmas with the Lockharts, I couldn’t wait. There would be lots of kids, and adults you hugged without having to think it over first. You loved them and would get a big, warm hug in return.

I’ve had a few good role models in my life who made a difference when I needed it. Araby Lockhart, the actress, my cousin, is among them. She’s always there, for everyone. When you hear she will be at dinner, you’re in for a damn good evening.

She is a role model in a way you might not expect. She tells those of us who suddenly awaken to painful knee joints, don’t grumble, get on with your life. It ain’t over till it’s over.

Araby lives alone in Collingwood, Ontario. In a small, cozy house near a waterfall. She goes on daily walks, and does volunteer work for the less unfortunate. You want to talk, she’s there to listen.

Author’s comment: I’ll call Araby on the phone – she shuns a ‘mobile device’, doesn’t watch TV but loves CBC radio – and she’ll say Hi kid, what’s up? You got to laugh. Young and old simply gravitate to her. She’s a good shot of medicine when you need it the most.

Posted on December 24th, 2017 by Clarke