Nov 19


We’re talking about my brother-in-law. Rosanne’s younger sibling. David Degilio, who’s in charge of the family’s Arctic Furnishings in Timmins, Ontario. Where winter comes in late October and doesn’t give up till mid-June. Brrrr…

That’s his day job. He used to run two trap lines, down to one now, where the government insists he trap so many beaver before handing him a license to trap everything else. Or shoot whatever. He uses a GPS, although I’d trust his innate sense of direction out there in the middle of nowhere.

He was driving into the dense bush with his son, Zain, and the dog  recently when the four-wheel-drive, fully-loaded Jeep stalled. Black smoke billowed from the engine before it burst into flames.

The easy part was jumping out of the Jeep; the hardest part was removing hunting rifles and live ammo from the back as flames licked its way toward them.

Everything and everyone was clear seconds before an explosion shook the ground under their boots. It leveled the vehicle, leaving nothing but a blackened, twisted metal frame.

What I like about this guy is, despite keeping the city’s best furniture storing operating like a Swiss watch, he’s decided to promote the business by cooking every now and again in the store itself. He’s set up an open kitchen and invites customers dropping by to sit down at a big oak table and sample what he’s cooking. His family recipes are from the old country. Italy, of course.

Here’s what he served – the first time he tried this venture – shown live on the store’s webpage: Pasta with his own homemade spaghetti sauce. Breaded pork cutlets As Rosanne says, it’s a culinary event with curious walk-in customers trying it out.

Author’s comment: God knows what David will do next. You can see how much he enjoys it, chattering away as he pounds the cutlets flat. Maybe he’ll have young Zain show us how he preps his specialty: homemade, mouth-watering southern fried chicken.

Posted on November 19th, 2017 by Clarke