Nov 12


Not long ago I read a newspaper review about trees written by a forester, a good sign, Peter Wohlleben. The Hidden Life of Trees: How They Feel, How They Communicate. And this: Discoveries from a Secret World. It’s been translated from German.

I wrote about Trees several weeks ago, you might remember. It caught my attention enough that I dropped by my local bookstore to order a copy. “Order a copy?” said the saleswoman. “Are you kidding? It’s been sailing off our shelves.”

I bought the smallish hardcover with a tag proclaiming it, “A New York Times bestseller”. I couldn’t wait to read it.

Let’s see what caught my imagination. Chapter Five. THE TREE LOTTERY. It seems trees budget their inner strength and save on energy to meet their needs. Peter Wohlleben mentions how their need to strengthen their branches and “widen the diameter of their trunks to support their increasing weight.”

Or this from Chapter 22. HIBERNATION. The author compares trees with the sleep time for bears who gorge themselves with food before the big sleep. Trees fuel themselves differently by absorbing energy from the sun to make sugar “and other components they can hold in reserve”.

Let’s take one more example. Chapter 33. HEALTHY FREST AIR.  The author is telling us that a walk in the forest is like taking a shower in oxygen. “But only during the day”. He goes on to explain why in terms that will set your head nodding.

Author’s comment: It’s a fascinating read. You can’t go through it at one sitting. Maybe you can. I took several days to soak up what he was telling me. I’m considering a second look, just to get it right.

I’m sure you’ll discover what’s mentioned on the inside of the dust cover: “After you read Wohlleben’s book, a walk in the woods will never be the same again”.

Posted on November 12th, 2017 by Clarke