Oct 29


I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember what costumes I wore as a kid. I remember leaving the vicarage next to the church -my father being a clergyman – in the most outlandish costumes. But try as I may, I can only remember one. A ghost wrapped in a bed  sheet with two holes so I could see where I was going.

There were no restrictions on what kids wore in those days. The scarier the better, though I doubt if I frightened anyone in my sheet. I thought this time I’d make this piece a rant on do-gooders who want to put a damper on what kids can wear, and what they shouldn’t.

That all went out the window this morning when I heard The CBC’s Sunday Edition with Michael Enright in his opening tongue-in-cheek essay: “Grown-ups are ruining Halloween for children.” Who could put it as succinctly as that? Not me. Listen to what he had to say in a wonderfully exaggerated way.

“We grown-ups are going to have to hurry if we are serious about ruining Halloween for our kiddos. I realize we are not to call it Halloween. We are supposed to call October 31, Orange & Black Day, or Spirit Day. Or Character Day.”

He goes on, “If we don’t act quickly, there might be pockets of children who might come dangerously close to having a good time.” How can you put it better that?

Here’s more. “The big problem, of course, is costumes. Great progress has been made in introducing the concept of appropriate costumes. We got rid of cowboys and Indians, pirates and zombies, cops and robbers and this year we are moving ahead with banning clown costumes.”

I will quote Michael Enright a little more here where he tells us: “On the treat front we are making great progress. Neighbours are handing out things like apple slices and yoghurt, and snacks such as Health Warrior Chia bars (twice the fibre of bran flakes).”

Author’s comment: There’s more what he had to say in his Sunday Edition essay, which begins his three-hour radio program. Catch him on cbc.ca/ Michael Enright. Read it yourself or hit ENTER and hear him tell you himself.

Posted on October 29th, 2017 by Clarke