Oct 15


It might not seem much to anyone else, but I’ve hit a milestone, of sorts. Back in the spring of 2012, I decided I should have a website. A look at what I’ve been doing over a number of years. The books I’ve written. An idea that turned into theatrical film. But that wasn’t all.

Many have websites, and include blogs. About everything. Why not add my own? Writing about anything. Likes-dislikes. Things readers might find interesting. And I’d keep it light. And short. Say nine paras max.

A beginning that would catch a reader’s attention. A middle that would tell what I had to say. And finally, an ending that would bring it all together under Author’s comment. I’ll want readers to think “I didn’t know about that.” or just plain “hmm”.

With this all worked out, I had no idea how one gets a website up and running. I reached my nephew, Matt Storey whose son, Josh, gave me the name of a friend, Josh Conley, who when I reached him, said he’d take me on.

It took the summer to work it out. He wanted to know how I wanted it. I said it would be “fluid”, meaning relaxed, easy to read and not too wordy. It would have the books I’d written, a short piece about each and a slight longer, three, four paras, expanding on the storyline.

Josh suggested photos of each cover. He told me, I could do it myself. He was right. I set up the seven published books outside the house. On the deck railing with the woods as background. Out on the uncut lawn; on the wood picnic table.

On the second week of October 2012, we launched clarkewallace.com, which we registered. There were a few complications along the way. Josh said don’t worry, and did magical things to fix them.

Author’s comment: This was five years ago, almost to the day. Most of the books can be picked up online through Kobo, Amazon. Either original, or reprints. An example: HARVEST sells in India for so many rupees, England in pounds or euros. I can’t believe it.

Here’s a bit of a secret. I’ve published a blog every week since. I won’t tell you what day, to keep you guessing. I haven’t missed a posting, weekly. And they won’t end here.

Posted on October 15th, 2017 by Clarke